Woman Finds Her Lost Cat After Two Years of Searching!

After desperately searching for her lost cat for almost two long years, a woman finds her precious cat.

Diego is a flame-point Siamese cat who spent 12 years living with Iris Samaniego. The elderly cat and Iris were inseparable friends until June 2015. Diego was an indoor cat and when he saw the garage door open he decided to sneak out. Ever since that moment he was missing.

However, Iris never lost her hope and she knew that her kitty is alive and well. She posted signs of him everywhere, but Diego was nowhere to be found.

One day she decided to check the animal friends of the valley website and surprisingly saw a photo of her cat. She immediately went to the shelter and had a really heart-warming reunion with Diego. Now he is back in his happy home and he will probably never dare to sneak out again.

Posted by Crystal Sanmann on Thursday, December 8, 2016

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