Woman Found a Fox Sleeping in Her Cat’s Bed!

Meloney Blayze woke up at 4 am in order to let her cat George go out in the garden. She never suspected that she would find a fox sleeping in his bed when she passed by the kitchen.

The 47 year-old cat lover from Petts Wood, south-east London, was completely baffled when she noticed two large ears peeking from the cat’s bed. She was walking past by the kitchen to the bathroom and knew that whatever was in the bed was definitely not a cat. Just to make sure she turned the lights on and saw a fox chilling in George’s bed.

Woman found fox sleeping cat george bed 4

Leaving the kitchen window open while he was outside was clearly bad idea. The fox took this as an invitation to come in and make herself comfortable. Even after having George hissing at her, she still didn’t budge. The fox was so tame that Meloney had to pick the bed up and get her out of the window.

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Woman found fox sleeping cat george bed 2 Woman found fox sleeping cat george bed 1

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