Woman Rescued a Kitten in Machu Picchu, Peru and Managed to Bring It Home in the US!

While traveling in Peru, a woman rescued a kitten from children who were tossing it around.

Hannah Shaw and Andrew Marttila knew that they need to do something after they heard the little kitten crying loudly. The children found the orphaned kitten and were passing her between each other. The kitty got really scared and when Hannah took her away from them, the poor baby was trembling with fear. Luckily she had some cat food in her bag and the malnourished kitten simply couldn’t stop eating.

The couple went trough a lot of trouble to be able to bring the kitty back with them to the US. There was no way that they are going to leave Munay behind. They smuggled her on the train and got her vaccinated. The rest was a lot easier than they thought and kitten was finally safe and in her new home.

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