Woman Saved the Lives of 14 Black Kittens Found in Dumpster!

A miracle took place when 14 black kittens were found thrown mercilessly in the dumpster. A resident living in an apartment nearby found these beautiful and helpless little babies in the dumpster and decided to do the right thing and help them. She took all of the 14 cuties and took them in the apartment.

As you can hear from the video these 14 siblings are so young that their meows are still extremely fragile. But, their will to live is rather strong and all perked up they are trying to scatter around the room. After these black kittens were found, a vet was called and they have been taken care of, brought to a shelter and are being adopted and offered the love they deserve to feel.

Not only was their story a highlight of the day in the neighborhood, but the story also went viral and it even made it to the local news.

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