List of The Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World! They are Worth More than my Mortgage!

While worldwide animal shelters struggle to provide homes for their protégés, there are some who create the most expensive cat breeds, for the common people of course. These extravagant breeds cost too much to be bought and to be maintained as well.

There are 250 cat breeds worldwide, but the following are the most expensive cat breeds today. We start with the cheapest…

#19 Peterbald

most expensive cat breeds exotic 0

It is a breed in Russia, their features are slim body, long ears and elongated head. They can be bald or furry, they are friendly, sociable and easy to train. They cost between $400 – $1200.

#18 Himalayan Cat

most expensive cat breeds exotic 19

It’s recognizable by its blue eyes and its color point coloring – its body is white but its ears, face, feet and tail are dark colored. Himalayan cats are very obedient, tender, with a calm temper. The price for one kitty can go between $500 – $1300.

#17 Scottish Fold

most expensive cat breeds exotic 2

This breed has hanging ears, created by mutation witch makes the cat look like an Owl. Scottish fold cats are very clever and they are friendly with all the family members. When interested in something they stand on their hind legs and observe the object. The price for this breed is between $200 – $1500.

#16 Egyptian Mau

most expensive cat breeds exotic 3

These cats look very similar to their ancestors back to 3000 years ago. Egyptian Mau cats have a spotted fur and a spotted skin as well. Having one of the most expensive cat breeds such as this one will cost you between $500 – $1500.

#15 Maine Coon

most expensive cat breeds exotic 4

The Maine Coon is one of the largest cat breeds, but don’t let the size fool you. These are one of the most gentle and affectionate felines. They can reach up to 30lb in weight and can be up to 4ft long. To own this giant cutie you will need $600 – $1500

#14 LaPerm

most expensive cat breeds exotic 5

This curly cat that looks like a young lamb is perfect for your family not just for the cute looks but also because it’s hypoallergenic. To have the LaPerm breed at home you will need $200 – $2000.

#13 Russian Blue

most expensive cat breeds exotic 6

This cat is believed to be a lucky charm. It was well known in Russia back in the 1880’s where wealthy families had it for good luck. Popular for its short fur and aristocratic looks, Russian Blue can be yours for $400 – $2000.

#12 Serengeti Cat

most expensive cat breeds exotic 7

Serengeti is one of the most expensive cat breeds that has a young history, beginning in 1990’s in California. It can grow up to 26 lbs (12 kg); they have good body build, spotted fur, large ears and long legs. It can be yours for $600 – $2000.

#11 Elf Cat

most expensive cat breeds exotic 9

This expensive breed was also made in the USA, they are very friendly, smart, curious and devoted creatures. To own one of the Elf cats you will need $2000.

#10 Toyger

most expensive cat breeds exotic 8

Not just the fur pattern but the name as well reminds us to the tiger in the wild. You can have this Toyger for $500 – $3000.

#9 Norwegian Forest cat

most expensive cat breeds exotic 10

This cat is a Viking ancestor, great hunter and endures harsh winters. The price for a Norwegian Forest is between $600-$3000

#8 American Curl

most expensive cat breeds exotic 11

This fluffy fur ball was also made in the USA. American Curl cats are lovable and even more popular outside the States. If you want to join the admirers you need to have $1000- $3000

#7 Bengal Cat

most expensive cat breeds exotic 12

This mini leopard loves to play around with his human parents, even though he can reach size up to 16lb. The bengal cat is going to set you back about $1000 – $4000.

#6 Safari

most expensive cat breeds exotic 13

The breeding of this beautifully patterned feline was for medical purpose but it turned one of America’s favorite. The average Safari cat can reach a weigh as much as 25lb. You can have it in your home for $4000 – $8000.

#5 Caracal

most expensive cat breeds exotic 14

This sweet and former wild kitty is on the list of extinction but since it moved to the most expensive – wanted cat list there is a chance to be preserved. So to buy one baby Caracal, it will only cost you between $7000 – $10,000.

#4 Khao Manee

most expensive cat breeds exotic 15

This mystical, exotic and pretty expensive cat can be found in scripts such as Tamra Meaw or ’’Cat Book Poems’’ from as early as 1350 – 1767. Its unique looks were the reason why it was kept only by royal families and considered to bring luck, prosperity and long life. This lucky charm will cost you $7000 – $11,000.

#3 Chausie

most expensive cat breeds exotic 16

This breed is from a crossing of domesticated cat and a jungle cat. It is very sociable and will fit anyone’s company; human, dogs or other felines. Since it is very rare, having this breed will cost you, between $8,000 – $10,000.

#2 Savannah Cat

most expensive cat breeds exotic 17

This intelligent breed is made with crossing an African Serval and domestic cat. It is the largest cat; weights up to 30lb and can reach length to 2ft. They are smart, curious, well tempered and very active. If you want to have this expensive cat you will need vast space so it can play and lots of money; between $4,000 – $20,000.

#1 Ashera

most expensive cat breeds exotic 18

This is the most exotic and the most expensive domestic cat in the world! It was made by crossing Asian wild cat and a domestic cat. There are still discussions about whether if it’s hypoallergenic or not. You can have this magnificent cat at home for the price between $22,000 – $100,000.

There is not a single doubt about the beauty and uniqueness of these exclusive and expensive cats. Their historic background and their famous ancestry make them even more desirable. Yes, they even serve as a social status-show off, as a way of making aware an observer how high one is up on the social status ladder. But, let us not forget the true reason of having a pet; to love it!

Having a pet means having another member in your family, taking care of it unconditionally and being there for it no matter what. Let’s be honest, there are thousands of shelters around the world that have millions of cats that just wait to be adopt for no money at all and ready to give back their love. Purchasing just one of these expensive cats can feed a whole shelter. So next time when you consider of getting yourself a cat, visit a shelter and adopt one, don’t buy one!


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