Yoga With Cats – Workout That Never Gets Boring! Have You Tried It?

Workout and animals – this combination shows nothing but a win-win situation.

Doing yoga with cats – I believe that it is a wisely spent time that will benefit everybody involved in that class. Shelters all around the country are trying their best and in all kinds of ways to find forever homes for their protégés. But the one that came up with this idea well, he’s a genius!

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Yoga With Cats – the Best Idea for Probable Cat Adoption…

The Humane Society of Jefferson County came up with the idea of organizing yoga classes with representatives of their own shelter, that being a way to make participants to get involved with the cats and maybe even some of them to be taken to their new home. Come to think about it, this is a good idea of promoting the kittens.

The participants that are practicing yoga are dealing with their inner peace with the exercises and with the cats as well. It is medically proven that having a cat around you decreases the blood pressure and the tension we accumulate through our working hours – so it’s a double exercise!

Kim Ericson is the yoga instructor and a volunteer at the shelter. She says that having these classes gave her the opportunity to combine the two things she loves the most in the world. When she started in January 25 people signed up, but 67 showed up. Now she has a full time job. Since she wants the visitors to feel the love of the kittens she holds the classes with only 30 participants.

Instead of charging the classes for yoga with cats the instructor has placed a charity box. Members can all chip in and make their donations for the shelter. To a big surprise the yoga classes with cats turned out to be very lucrative. Would you join this class?


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