Meet Zoe, the Adorable Cat Known as the Queen of Hearts!

One of the things that make cats adorable is their weird, beautiful fur patterns. As much as there are funny videos on line about cats there are as many pictures of unique fur patterns that cats have. One of those is Zoe, adorable cat that has a heart pattern on her chest. This cat is definitely wearing her heart on her chest.

The Adorable Cat Has An Even More Adorable Sister!

Zoe was noticed by her adopting parents who went to the shelter planning on bringing home Zoe’s sister Izzy. But love works in mysterious ways, and just one glimpse on Zoe they fell in love with her and her beautiful chest heart. This adorable cat found a forever home for her sister and herself.

Thanks to Zoe. the two tuxedo sisters are going to live together for now on and give double the love to their human parents.

Now Zoe is all full grown as well as her fur and her heart patch. She is even more beautiful now then when she was the little adorable kitty. Because she is the more furry one from the two sisters she is known as ‘’The Fluff’’. However, the social media or her Instagram followers at least recognize her as the ‘’Queen of Hearts’’.

Her human parents say that she may be recognized as the ‘’hearty’’ one, but in reality she is a real nutty.

Izzy is the more adventurous one and willing to explore outside. On the contrary, Zoe is the more careful one but still she is very curious. That makes these two tuxedo sisters even more adorable.

Zoe is the center of attention, but Izzy earned her place on social media with her facial expressions.

At the end, the most important thing is that these two adorable cats show every minute their affection and love to their humans. Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram!

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